Proclaiming Jesus and his free gift of salvation is one of the main reasons for this site being here. If your interested in learning how to be saved, read on. If your not interested in learning how to be saved, read on anyway.

God gave us the 10 commandments and many others in the Bible, not so that we would be saved by following them but so that it would show us the need for salvation in front of such a Holy and Good God. Many years later God sent Jesus to earth as a man to fulfill the law. Jesus said in Matthew 5:17 “Do not think that I came to destroy the Law or the Prophets. I did not come to destroy but to fulfill. Jesus took all of our sins past, present and future on him when he died on the cross. He paid the ultimate price for me and for YOU. But you might be thinking ” I am good person”, and to that I would have to ask you “By who’s standards, yours or God’s”

Jesus said in Luke 18:19 “Why do you call Me good? No one is good but One, that is, God.” and Psalms 53:3 says “Every one of them has turned aside; They have together become corrupt; There is none who does good, No, not one.” None of us can claim we are good enough to get to heaven because we are judging goodness by the people around us, God judges us by his standards and not ours and they are much higher than we think.

The Commandment of “Thou Shall not Kill” was expanded on  when Jesus said in Matthew 5:21,22 “You have heard that it was said to those of old, ‘You shall not murder, and whoever murders will be in danger of the judgment.’ 22 But I say to you that whoever is angry with his brother without a cause shall be in danger of the judgment. Again Jesus expanded on the commandment “Thou Shall not Commit Adultery” by saying in Matthew 5:27, 28 “You have heard that it was said to those of old, ‘You shall not commit adultery. 28 But I say to you that whoever looks at a woman to lust for her has already committed adultery with her in his heart.” This means if you have ever been angry with someone or ever looked at a woman with lust in your eye you are guilty of both these sins and these are just two of God’s commandments. Sin is punishable by death. The only way sin can be forgiven is by the shedding of blood, meaning somebody has to die. This is not because God does not care or is an unjust God. It is just the opposite. It is this way because he IS a just God. Look at this way. If somebody were to murder your whole family tonight. He was then caught and arrested by the police and was charged with murder. He went in front of the Judge and because he pleaded and begged the judge to forgive him. The judge decides, “Well, I think you’re an ok guy, I am going to try to be merciful here and let you off the hook, You can go free”. You would not consider that judge Just or Merciful. You would be outraged, this person committed an act of murder and killed your whole family. You would consider him an unjust and evil judge and you would be right in that assumption. This is exactly the reason why God cannot just forget about your sin. He will be glorified because he is a just God whether you accept his free gift of salvation and are justified by Jesus sacrifice or whether you choose not to accept salvation and die in your sins and are punished for them in hell for all eternity. He will be glorified in either scenario for being a just and righteous God.

God in his wonderful mercy seen our dilemma and made a provision for us even before we knew we needed one. He sent his one and only son Jesus to be born a man knowing he would be crucified on the cross to pay for our sins. He died on the cross but he rose again three days later. With his work finished he took his place at the right of hand of God. He awaits your decision on whether or not you will acknowledge him as your Savior and Lord today. He wants a personal relationship with you. If you would like to have a personal relationship with the one and true God and creator. If you are ready to repent of your sins and let him be Lord of your life, all you have to do is ask him. You don’t have to pray any specific words, there is no certain prayer you have to pray. Just ask him into your heart and let him take control of your life. You are saved by Faith alone in Jesus Christ. You prove that you have faith in him by walking and living the way he asked you to walk. There is so much more to say about salvation and what it is and what it is not but that is for another day. If you make that decision right now, You will not be Sorry!

Hebrews 3:15 says “ Today, if you will hear His voice, Do not harden your hearts”.

One thought on “Salvation

  1. This hits it right on! I know this is all true because the Bible is the word of God and says He must be just! I also know that before I accepted Christ, I was held back because I did not want to see myself as a depraved and sinful person. This is pride (one of the things God hates most). We are all sinners, and would all have to go to Hell if not for the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ. Keep it up!

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