Perfect In Heart–Part 1

Andrew Murray 90x115by Andrew Murray

God’s Gift of Perfection Series

Chapter 8 – Part 1

“Blessed are the perfect in the way, who walk in the law of the Lord. Blessed are they that keep His testimonies, and that seek Him with the whole heart.” Psalm 119:1,2

“Let my heart be perfect in Thy statutes; that I be not ashamed.” Psalm 119:80

“I will behave myself wisely in a perfect way. O when wilt Thou come unto me? I will walk within my house with a perfect heart.” Psalm 101:2

We have seen what Scripture says of the perfect heart. Here it speaks of the perfect walk.

“Blessed are the perfect in the way, who walk in the law of the Lord.”

These are the opening words of the beautiful psalm which, from the witness of personal experience, depicts the wonderful blessedness of a life in the law and the will of God. As he looks back upon the past, the Psalmist does not hesitate to claim that he has kept that law. “I have kept Thy testimonies”; “I have observed Thy law”; “I forsook not Thy precepts”; “I have not turned aside from Thy judgments”; “I have done judgment and Justice”; “I have not swerved from Thy testimonies”; “I have done Thy commandments”; “My soul hath observed Thy testimonies.” May the man who can look up to God and, in simplicity of soul, speak thus, say,

“How blessed are the perfect in the way!”

What is meant by being “perfect in the way” becomes plain as we study the psalm. Perfection includes two elements. The one is the perfection of heart – the earnestness of purpose, which which a man gives himself up to seek God and His will. The other is the perfection of obedience-in which a man seeks not only to do some, but all of the commandments of His God, and rests content with nothing less than the New Testament privilege of “standing perfect and complete in all the will of God” Colossians 4:12.

The Psalmist speaks of both with great confidence. Hear how he testifies of the former in words such as these: “Blessed are they that seek Him with the whole heart”; “With my whole heart have I sought Thee”; “With my whole heart shall I observe Thy law”; “I will keep Thy precepts with my whole heart”; “Thy law is my delight”; “O how love I Thy law”; “Consider how I love Thy precepts”; “I love them exceedingly.” This is indeed the perfect heart of which we have already heard. The whole psalm is a prayer, and an appeal to God Himself to consider and see how His servant, in wholehearted simplicity, has chosen God and His law as his only portion.

More than once we have said the the root of all perfection lies in the wholeheartedness of the perfect heart.

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by Andrew Murray

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