Strengthen The Perfect Heart–Part 2

Andrew Murray 90x115by Andrew Murray

Chapter 6 – Part 2

What precious lessons these words teach us for the Christian life. To have God reveal His strength in us, to have Him make us strong for life or work, for doing or for suffering, our heart must be perfect with Him. Let us not shrink from accepting the truth. Let no preconceived notion of the impossibility of perfection keep us from allowing the Word of God to have its full effect upon us. He shows Himself strong to those whose heart is perfect toward Him. Before we attempt to define a perfect heart, let us first receive the truth that there is such a thing as what God calls a perfect heart, and say it will be ours. Let us rest contented with nothing short of knowing that the eyes of the Lord have seen that we are wholehearted with Him. Let us not be afraid to say,

“With my whole heart have I sought Thee.” Psalm 119:10

We saw how the chief mark of this perfect heart is reliance on God. God looks for men who trust Him fully – in them, He will show His power. God is a being of infinite and incomprehensible glory and power. Our mind cannot form a proper conception of what He can do for us. Even when we have His Word and promises, our human thoughts of what He means are always defective. By nothing do we dishonor God more than by limiting Him. By nothing do we limit Him more than by allowing our human ideas of what He proposes to be the measure or our expectations. The reliance of a heart perfect toward Him is simply this: it yields to Him as God; it rests upon Him; it allows Him, as God, to do in His own way what He has promised. The heart is perfect toward Him in meeting Him with a perfect faith for all that He is and does as God.

Faith expects from God what is beyond all expectation.

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by Andrew Murray

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